Saturday, August 17, 2013

Julia Mancuso shoot for Zico

We just completed a fun shoot with Julia Mancuso for Zico Coconut water.  It is always so nice to work with professional athletes.  It was not an easy shoot...all day out in the sun, with four different beach locations.

We shot most of the scenes on our Red Epic in 4K and 5K.  Because of the tight schedule and moving to different locations, I swiched to 3k and 2K a few times to double the lens.
That is one of the great things about the Red Epic.  If you know your finished product is going to be
1080, you can double your focal length just by switching to 2k with a touch of two buttons.  We also shot a lot of slow motion.  Most of the shots at 24frames, some at 40 some at 48 and some ant 60 frames a second.   One of the highlights was when Julia did her underwater rock run at Hookipa beach.

 Zico Coconut water ended up cutting a half dozen peices out of the days shoot.  They are all 30 second spots with some quick 15 second spots.  There is a link below to my directors cut.
The entire peice was shot by Mike Waltze Films.  My company did the field production for the piece.
We used Ehman Productions for Grip, bounce boards, and Lighting of certain indoor shots.  Jase Ponebianco helped out with the underwater, and I was the DP, using my Red Epic package.

Here is the link to the video I produced....

Till the next shoot....

Mike Waltze